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ICTP in Numbers

Since its inception ICTP has collected vital statistics detailing the number of visitors participating in scientific activities  organized and held at the Centre. This statistical information provides  interesting insights into changes in the institution during its fourty-five years of operation. The Statistics on ICTP web page is updated by the ICTP Public Information Office (PIO).


ICTP visiting scientists in brief: Poster09icon.jpg

  • 116,000 visits from scientists since 1964

  • 184 countries represented

  • 154 visitors from 40 countries in 1964

  • 6972 visitors from 137 countries in 2009

  • 53% from developing countries, LDCs

    and transition  countries

  • 20% of visiting scientists are women

  • 410 months of training to 154 participants in 1964

  • 1323 months of training to 3412 participants in 2009





Visitor Statistics 2009

Regular scientific activities at ICTPLecture AGH.jpg                               

  • Number: 58
  • Number of visitors: 5050
  • Female: 1075 (21%)
  • Male: 3975
  • Number of person-months*: 4309 (131,074 days)
  • Nations represented: 137

Hosted activities (held at ICTP but organized by external groups)

  • Number of conferences: 34
  • Participants: 1922

Total number of scientific visitors:

  • 6972

Region of origin, ICTP visitors

  •  Click jpg icon Visitors09byRegion.jpg

ICTP regional training activities

  • Click jpg icon RegionalTr.jpg

  *Number of average months spent at ICTP by scientific visitors [1 average month=30.417 days]

ICTP Annual Reports.

ICTP Visitors and Person-months by Country

TerraceGroup.jpg Annual statistics by country and gender in alphabetical order  on the number of visitors and person-months:

Previous years:

Numbers include all categories of visitors combined attending the ICTP Training and Education Programmes:

  • Scientific Conferences and Workshops (at ICTP and Regional)

    1. Training Course Participants
    2. Course directors, lecturers and tutors
    3. Research scientists including post-docs; long-term and short-term visitors
  • PhD LevelCosmo2.jpg

    1. Diploma studens
    2. STEP fellows
  • Science Career Support

    1. Associates Members and Affiliates
    2. TRIL Fellows
    3. Elettra Users


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